Thanks for the Pancakes!

Don't Walk and Talk...



fyreworx films


At this scene light and dark contrast only. No definition at all. Just him silhoetted against a orange morning glow, stretching his arms tall and wide. Slow and putposeful.

The tempo has to start slow, so it can ramp up.

Apple Watch - UP

Hero Rises.

Fast, tight shot of his tied shoes. This marks the beginning of using his shoes to show where he is and how fast he is moving, and to set up the last shot of him stepping into the street.

Squeek sound punctuates the squeek at the end of the run.

Also establishes the idea of the dual nature of the action look of inner cut walking feet, and moving upper body, as viewed from side.

Cuts back and forth and...

Note the tempo and pacing of the cuts

Apple Watch – Goals

Matching shots of his shoes running and then

Shapeing Pancakes

Overhead shot of cheffing up the pancakes, to match the shot of the breakfast table.


Imagine Breakfast eating as family

Dining Table
Bum, spill, clink.
Apple Watch - Berlin
Time 12 seconds to 14 seconds

Another telco commercial that was done on spec that has over 10,000,000 views. Very effective.
Watch the video before you read anything to avoid spoliers: Here


How to show text messages



News Stories

This city embedded traffic lights in the sidewalks so that smartphone users don't have to look up
Cities consider laws banning texting and walking
Texting while walking could soon be illegal in New Jersey
Distraction, On Street And Sidewalk, Helps Cause Record Pedestrian Deaths


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